Old School Magazine


We have many different posters in school connected with our History and some with our Geography. One is resplendent with smart figures, for it contains among others, Drake, Raleigh and Captain Cook. We have two posters connected with our Geography, they are about Australia and New Zealand. They look ever so pretty. We put them on the wall. Mr Marcom very kindly got them for us and we’re very pleased, so we are trying to keep them clean. They will be as long as we don’t throw water at them in tending the flowers.


Our school attendance chart has been kept up for some time. Each class has been trying to reach the top of the list every week. With regard to the District Attendance we have not kept as well to the top of the list as we did last year. In this past year we have been first once, second twice, third three times, fourth twice, eighth once, and tenth once. We hope next year we shall come to the very top of the list more regularly, although one must admit our record of being within the first four out of eighteen on no less than eight times out of ten is a good achievement.

Contributed by GWENDOLINE PARKER, Standard VI


Last Spring previous to the hay harvest we collected different kinds of grasses and stuck them in books. We could not out the names of them so sent them to Seale-Hayne Agricultural College. A little afterwards we received a letter with a list of their names and a letter to say they had great difficulty themselves in finding out the names but that if we had any difficulty in finding out any of the names of flowers or grasses or leaves they would help us again with pleasure.

Contributed by FRED LEMON, Standard V


Mr Parker went to India for seven years and when he came home he brought King Cobra’s skin into school and told us some of his adventures, and gave this skin as a present to the school, because he used to go to our school. Albert Eastman presented the school with a piece of honey-comb. He made a case and put it in it, afterwards we put it upon Miss Newberry’s shelf. He has now left. Sidney Squire gave the school three balls which are very useful to us. He was a good school fellow and did not leave before he was fifteen.

Contributed by THOMAS WONNACOTT, Standard VI